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This documentation is for version v1.1.0 of nng, but the latest released version is v1.8.0. see the documentation for v1.8.0 for the most up-to-date information.


#include <nng/nng.h>

void nng_strfree(char *str);


The nng_strfree() function deallocates the string str. This is equivalent to using nng_free() with the length of str plus one (for the NUL terminating byte) as the size.

This should only be used with strings that were allocated by nng_strdup() or nng_alloc(). In all cases, the allocation size of the string must be the same as strlen(str) + 1.
Consequently, if the a string created with nng_strdup() is modified to be shorter, then it is incorrect to call this function. (The nng_free() function can be used instead in that case, using the length of the original string plus one for the size.)





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