nng_inproc - intra-process transport


#include <nng/transport/inproc/inproc.h>

int nng_inproc_register(void);


(transport, inproc) (intra-process) The inproc transport provides communication support between sockets within the same process. This may be used as an alternative to slower transports when data must be moved within the same process.

This transport tries hard to avoid copying data, and thus is very light-weight.


This transport is generally built-in to the core, so no extra steps to use it should be necessary.

URI Format

(URI, inproc://) This transport uses URIs using the scheme inproc://, followed by an arbitrary string of text, terminated by a NUL byte.

Multiple URIs can be used within the same application, and they will not interfere with one another.

Two applications may also use the same URI without interfering with each other, and they will be unable to communicate with each other using that URI.

Socket Address

When using an nng_sockaddr structure, the actual structure is of type nng_sockaddr_inproc.

Transport Options

The inproc transport has no special options.

While inproc accepts the option NNG_OPT_RECVMAXSZ for compatibility, the value of the option is ignored with no enforcement. As inproc peers are in the same address space, they are implicitly trusted, and thus it makes no sense to spend cycles protecting a program from itself.