This documentation is for version v1.3.0 of NNG, but the latest released version is v1.8.0. see the documentation for v1.8.0 for the most up-to-date information.


#include <nanomsg/nn.h>

void nn_term(void);


The nn_term() function closes any open sockets, and frees all resources allocated by the library. Any operations that are currently in progress will be terminated, and will fail with error EBADF or ETERM.

This function is provided for API compatibility with legacy libnanomsg. Consider using the relevant modern API instead.
This function is not thread-safe, and is not suitable for use in library calls. The intended purpose of this is to clean up at application termination; for example by registering this function with atexit(). This can help prevent false leak reports caused when memory checkers notice global resources allocated by the library. Libraries should never use this function, but should explicitly close their own sockets directly.