This documentation is for version v1.3.0 of NNG, but the latest released version is v1.8.0. see the documentation for v1.8.0 for the most up-to-date information.


#include <nng/nng.h>

int nng_ctx_close(nng_ctx ctx);


The nng_ctx_close() function closes the context ctx. Messages that have been submitted for sending may be flushed or delivered, depending upon the transport.

Further attempts to use the context after this call returns will result in NNG_ECLOSED. Threads waiting for operations on the context when this call is executed may also return with an NNG_ECLOSED result.

Closing the socket associated with ctx (using nng_close()) also closes this context.


This function returns 0 on success, and non-zero otherwise.



The context ctx is already closed or was never opened.