This documentation is for version v1.3.0 of NNG, but the latest released version is v1.8.0. see the documentation for v1.8.0 for the most up-to-date information.


#include <nng/nng.h>

int nng_aio_set_iov(nng_aio *aio, unsigned int niov, nng_iov *iov);


The nng_aio_set_iov() function sets a scatter/gather vector iov on the handle aio.

The iov is a pointer to an array of niov nng_iov structures, which have the following definition:

    typedef struct nng_iov {
void * iov_buf;
size_t iov_len;

The iov is copied into storage in the aio itself, so that callers may use stack allocated nng_iov structures. The values pointed to by the iov_buf members are not copied by this function though.

A maximum of eight (8) nng_iov members may be supplied.

Earlier versions of the library could accept longer scatter-gather lists. However, no known consumers have ever needed a scatter-gather list longer than 4 vectors. As a result, the implementation limit was reduced, and heap allocations which could fail were removed.


This function returns 0 on success, and non-zero otherwise.



Value of specified niov is too large.